Futures Past: Design and the Machine is a three-day conference on the institutional and intellectual history of research and visions for human-machine systems beginning in the second half of the 20th century, and its relationship to emerging roles of technology in design. The conference is structured around panel discussions with protagonists of early efforts to incorporate computers, information technologies, and communication engineering in the design process. The event includes paper sessions with junior scholars, researchers, and historians of these early visions. To read the call for papers please visit this link. For all enquiries please contact fpdm [at] mit [dot] edu. 

Duks Koschitz
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute
PhD Candidate, Design and Computation, MIT
Olga Touloumi
PhD Candidate, History and Theory of Architecture, Harvard University
Theodora Vardouli
PhD Student, Design and Computation, MIT

Terry Knight
Professor of Design and Computation, MIT Architecture
George Stiny
Professor of Design and Computation, MIT Architecture
Nicholas Negroponte
Founder and Chairman Emeritus, MIT Media Lab

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